Vox Romanum – Bucharest

Vox Romanum – A conclusion of our workshop in Bucharest lasting from 5th til the 21st of February 2015.

Vox Romanum: Voices, stories, sound and poetry from contemporary Romania. A group of actors explore their past experiences from the educational system. Some had inspirational teachers, some had oppressive, they have all been shaped by their experiences.

Participants: Mădălina Brândușe, […]


Founded in 2007, O2G Association develops projects of social and cultural intervention, educational projects, community theatre, theatre and documentary film. The objectives of the association are: the recovery of the social and political role of art, facilitating access to culture and education for everyone, developing the concept of community theatre, documenting and archiving contemporary realities. […]

EEA partners – Romania

Noproductions is proud to announce that we are official partners with both UAT Branesti and the O2G. The local government of the village Branesti have partnered with our organization in an effort to promote theatre/drama within education. Our project aim to strengthen pedagogical competancy in respect to methodology derived from dramatic art. Building on the legacy of Augusto Boal […]

Ziua Cucilor

The main attraction of the village Branesti is its annual folklore festival “Ziua Cucilor”, or Cucu’s Day.
This rite of spring celebrates manhood and fertility as well as bringing people together. Like many rural traditions in Romania, it has faced a marginal existence until recently. Now the festival gathers participants from all over Romania as well […]