Founded in 2007, O2G Association develops projects of social and cultural intervention, educational projects, community theatre, theatre and documentary film. The objectives of the association are: the recovery of the social and political role of art, facilitating access to culture and education for everyone, developing the concept of community theatre, documenting and archiving contemporary realities. O2G Association will be collaborating with Noproductions, for the project The Political Theatre Platform 2015.

The activities of the project come to meet urgent needs in Romanian contemporary society: access to culture as a fundamental right and the social and economic progress of citizens through culture. The activities of the project – The Season of Documentary Theatre, the Season of Community Theatre, the production of 2 new performances, the touring of the 2 performances in 4 Romanian cities (Galați, Iași, Timișoara, Craiova), one workshop and performance exploring the traditions of Augusto Boal’s political theatre methods held by Mr. Morten Bruun for the artists involved in the project, one Forum Theatre workshop held by Romanian artists for young people, prove that The Platform of Political Theatre 2015 is an innovative project involving large categories of audience and debating fundamental problems of Romanian society.

The main objective of the project is: promoting the vulnerable voices in society and the cultural dialogue through theatre performances and workshops. The specific objectives are: promoting cultural diversity through performances about vulnerable groups and categories, the cultural representation of Jewish minorities, through community shows performed by residents of Moses Rosen Home for the Elderly, activating the civic consciousness of young people through the methodology of participatory art, the facilitation of free access to theatre performances in Bucharest and four other cities in the country, the development of the artistic experience of the artists through Forum Theatre, the development of bilateral relations through the collaboration with our Norwegian partner.